2004-2019, 15 years of career, 15 years of good companionship. 15 years that we walk together, that I make you vibrate, 15 years that you bring me a mad love and that I give you back a hundredfold. 15 years that I have represented Senegal with dignity 🇸🇳 all over the world.
15 years worth celebrating!
To say thank you to all of you, to my lion hearts 🦁, to my tireless Linguists, to all the Mifa D, I will meet you on Saturday December 28 at the Grand Théâtre for a breathtaking show. Never seen !
On the program: Retro, Dance-Choreography, Opera, Live show … and many other surprises.
A tip: book your tickets early and come very early! The first 200 on the scene will receive an autographed album and will be entitled to a photo with me.
Presale: 10,000 F / D-Day: 15,000 F. VIP: 20,000 F.
Book by whatsapp just by clicking on this link 👉🏾wa.me / 221773074445 or call 77 307 44 45.

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