Main actor of the first West African opera: L’OPERA DE SAHEL…

Convincing mastery of his instrument of composition THE GUITAR…

Impressive STAGE PRESENCE and excellent dancer, worthy heir to the music of the Sahel …

Initiator of the MUZIKR philosophy …

Baye Fall – the bridge between Hip-Hop and Sahelian afro blues.

An artist to discover absolutely

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Ibrahima Loucard said Carlou D was born on December 13, 1979 in Dakar of Senegalese nationality. He took his first steps in school in 1985 and left it in 1995 in favor of music. He was a member of the positive rap group Black Soul (PBS) before embarking on a solo career which propelled him to the forefront as an artist, musician, singer, songwriter and composer.

Passionate about history and geography Carlou D exports his music with a certain experience and maturity acquired over the time spent in the country, with the ups and downs of showbiz reality. He was definitely marked by his four local albums and numerous collaborations with certain artists from the country, followed by two officially international albums released in London with the only world village distribution label in addition to his many professional trips made in the course of over the past ten years.

Carlou D used his talent and his passion for history to trace the history of Afro music through gospel, spiritual music that has a certain similarity to Zikroulah a Sufi style well known at home in Senegal in the world of BAYE FALL movement to which he belongs and which he represents in his music, his dress style, and even in his behavior as a human being on earth.

The bay fall have their own constitution made up of different rules established by a single guide and that for more than a century kept and recalled by their descendants to the different generations.

His compositions aim further and wider, his music speaks to all generations and takes source between Senegal, his native country, Mali, Guinea, Gambia and Mauritania, which he considers a single country, the Mandingo Empire. The experience of the Sahelian people in its geographical and historical dimension defines the music of CARLOU D.

A word about the MUZIKR: It is an afro-thematic music which defines its style from its subject to its target. This musical genre is also initiated by Carlou D.

The first international album released in October 2010 brought him the closure of the great WOMEX FESTIVAL, one of the largest and most credible music market in Europe and around the world.

Since then, concert series have been provided by him and his group in Senegal with which he started the live show that he currently knows as a stage animal.




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